Who’s who

Who’s who (and what’s what)

Arlita, Mardriss’s wife, K’ndar’s sister-in-law

Billek, Weyr’s Master Healer

B’rant, Weyrlingmaster bronze dragon Banarth

B’rost, blue dragon Rath, geologist, Healer Hall

Braig, Captain of Arrow, Lindea’s brother

C’val blue Rastabenth, weyrmate to green rider Sinala, Sinith green dragon

Danelle, Weyrwoman, gold Elanath (deceased)

Daryat, K’ndar’s mother

D’mitran, wingleader brown Careth

D’nis, engineer and photographer, retired Weyrleader bronze Corvuth, now Council member

Elene, Chief Librarian at Landing

Francie, transfer from Telgar Weyr, weyrmate Raylan, green Motanith fire lizards: Coora, bronze clown, Keeso green independent, grumpy and snuggles when unseen, Sisi, green, lazy, eats and sleeps a lot.

Fland, K’ndar’s paternal uncle, former dragonrider, brown Lenarth, deceased. Fland is now married to his mother, Daryat.

F’mart, bronze Kenth, engineer, Wingleader second at Kahrain Steppe Weyr

G’aryk, brown Corth, Landing, married to Leana

Glorus, Observatory #2 geologist, estranged mother of Greta, from Ista

Glyena, K’ndar’s sister, foster mother Shirae at Kahrain Steppe Weyr

Grafton, Landing’s Headman, bronze firelizard Fafhrd

Greta, green Earth, blue fire lizard Roany, geologist from Ista Weyr-MIA, presumed dead

Hariko, weyr headwoman (in earliest posts, ‘Mariko’) Kahrain Steppe Weyr

Harve, rescued from island, last living crewmember of We’re Here, out of Nerat.

Jansen, Landing’s head computer technician.

Jenmay, Oldtimer gold Jianath (deceased)

K’ndar, Raventh brown dragon by Corvuth out of Elanath, Siskin, blue lizard

Leana, green Marith, Landing’s new Acquistion officer, married to G’aryk

Lefsa, of Landing, scientist, transferred from Biology to Taxonomy

Lindea, K’ndar’s friend searched but declined Impression, gold fire lizard Zeta, works in dining hall, grew up on ship Nocket

Lizard, aka Fire Lizard Man, trader, partner with Sandriss, mated pair fire lizards

Lord Dorn, Singing Waters Hold Lord Holder

Mardriss, K’ndar’s eldest brother, his wife Arlita

Miklos, antisocial microbiologist at Landing

M’rvin, former Kahrain Steppe Weyrleader, bronze Arcturuth

N’orald, Oldtimer bronze Menkarth

Oscoral , Night shift baker at weyr

Pattis, Flight Ops chief (pain in the ass) at Kahrain Steppe Weyr

Rahman, astronomer, based at Landing but goes all over

Raventh, brown dragon, by Corvuth out of Elanath, K’ndar’s dragon.

Raylan, Science Division Chief at Landing, Francie’s husband

Risal, girl from Landing, works in Flight Ops there

Rendel, Master Harper for Weyr, librarian

Rondair, gold Moth, clutch mate to Raventh (Corvuth x Elanath)

Salish, veterinarian at Kahrain Steppe Weyr

Sandriss, K’ndar’s middle brother, wife Liana, daughter Nattana, two fire lizards

Shawn, Acquisition officer of Landing, alias Karloch, deceased

Shiela, Capt of Sea Dragon, Tillek Sea Hold, grew up on father’s ship Stalwart

Siena gold Mirth, Kahrain Steppe Weyrwoman, grew up on ship Bright Star

Sinala, green dragon Sinith, from K’ndar’s Weyrling class, weyrmate to C’val.

Stella Maris supply ship, a little bit on the sketchy side

Swash, dolphin who K’ndar relieved of a parasite

Terylin, potter, Lay River Crafthall, green firelizard Putzu

T’ovar, brown dragon Firoth, Tillek Sea hold, rogue working for Toric

Dragons-colors, riders, weyrs

Arcturuth, bronze, M’rvin, Weyrleader, Kahrain Steppe Weyr

Banarth, bronze, B’rant, Weyrlingmaster of Kahrain Steppe Weyr

Careth, brown, D’mitran, Wingleader, Kahrain Steppe Weyr

Corvuth, bronze, D’nis, retired Weyrleader, Kahrain Steppe Weyr

Corth, brown, G’aryk, Landing

Earth, green, Greta, Ista Weyr, presumed dead

Elenath, gold, Danelle, deceased, dam of Raventh

Firoth, brown, T’oric, rogue, now Toric’s man

Jiannath, gold, Jenmay, Oldtimer, deceased

Kenth, bronze, F’mart, Wingleader second, Kahrain Steppe Weyr

Marith, green, Leana, Landing

Menkarth, bronze, N’orald, Oldtimer, Kahrain Steppe Weyr

Mirth, gold, Siena, Weyrwoman, Kahrain Steppe Weyr

Motanith, green, Francie, Landing staff

Moth, gold, Rondair, Honshu Weyr

Rastabenth, blue, C’val

Rath, blue, B’rost, Healer Hall student

Raventh, brown, K’ndar, Kahrain Steppe Weyr,

What’s what with chapters numbers:

Boathead-Aldebaran 4 native, six legged marsupial with musk ox like fur (181)

Cuorl-Pern native, arboreal creature similar to a Terran squirrel (147)

Flying fox-Eridani A native, luxurious fur, flies with spread membranes (134)

Moons of Pern: Belior and Timor

Mosar: plieseosaur like carnivore of the oceans (97)

Paladen- sea cow/whale like sea creature, stays deep (34), dolphins call it a deep diver

Smanda- salamander like creature, spits out toxic netting (186)

Swash, dolphin, friend of K’ndar

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